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Default Re: Playstation 3 as Blu-Ray player.

Originally Posted by platespiller View Post
My PS3 is very noisy - to the point where it is very annoying during quiet scenes in movies.
I have given up watching movies on it, not too impressed with BluRay, at least on my Sony XBR 34" 1080i.
Good thing I like to play games, otherwise it'd be a $600 paperweight!
I have seen almost no complaints about heat or fan noise on the PS3, mine has been running 24/7 since Folding @ Home was released & I have never heard my fan at my regular vewing postition during movies, games or Folding.
Do you have plenty of ventilation & is it away from other heat generating equipment like a reciever?
If you are hearing your fan then it's on high speed if it's running on high it must be getting hot so check your circulation around it.
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