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Default LFE vs. L/R sub channel...

I never really had to deal with it until I got my Lexicon MC12 processor which has the ability to do either a sub or two (or more) via an LFE signal or L/R RCA outs. However, not all of the Lexicon's DSP's take advantage of both. For instance, Logic 7 Music (DSP to create a surround sound like performance from 2 channel material) likes a L/R sub over an LFE. By like I mean it won't send a signal to the LFE output. Where as DD Logic likes the LFE. Like I said, until the Lexicon the way I configured a sub, at least when it came to inputs, was a bit of a non issue.

I'm curious, how do you prefer to wire up your subs? Are you an RCA or LFE fan?
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