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Default Re: What is the last AV item you purchased online and where did you hear about it?

In the spirit of systems I have to chime in with a personal favorite of mine. I had and deeply miss my Decware SET two channel rig complete with Soliloquy monitor loudspeakers and Mapleshade cable. For about $1500 total (Audiogon is a wonderful thing) the combo was tough to beat even with all the nice toys currently residing in my rack. I think I might have to piece that system back together for my office. I wonder what's on Audiogon now. Maybe I'll forgo the Soliloquys for another budget fav of mine, the Paradigm Mini Monitors. Man do I love those speakers, esspecially with a NAD integrated amp and single disc CD player. With Mapleshade wire of course.

Now that I think about it, I think I might buy some more Mapleshade cable. It's thin enough to work perfectly with the Orb Audio speakers I'm reviewing. Good speakers for the money but damn are the binding posts tiny.

That's my two cents.
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