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Default Re: 90,000 Low-Cost HD DVD players Sold in One Weekend

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
They will absolutely ignore it when they realize that no one that bought a $99 HD-DVD player is buying any of their $30 HD-DVD movies, they only have the freebies that came with the player.
Well they already know that the majority of them bought movies to go with it. Friday's numbers are in and it's the best friday HD DVD ever had for software. People aren't spending thousands on TVs then buying a HD DVD player and not buying software.

Either side would sell more if they had lower MSRPs. I'd buy a $20 HD title a lot quicker than a $30 one. I think most people would. $15 and I won't think about it at all if I like the movie.

I'm not in the "business" but I'm smart enough to know that the studios could care less how many players there are out there if they aren't selling their movies.
How many people that the only reason they bought a HD-DVD player was because it was $99 is going to spend 1/3 the price of their player on a single movie?
They are selling their movies. I was at Best Buy on Saturday and most of the non combo discs were priced between $20 and $23. The Combo discs were $30.

But you are right, Toshiba can end the war, by slashing prices & losing huge amounts of money & not selling many HD-DVD's with it they will kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
The Studios will go to the format where they can sell their movies & no one else will build any HD-DVD players when they have to compete with Toshgiba giving them away.
War over!!
You mean like Sony already did? Wait you don't think the other BD companies are happy that Sony sells units at a loss do you?

Right now Toshiba has nobody to **** off. Onkyo is rebadging the XA2. So now would be the time for Toshiba to do it. Grab market share, force the fence sitting Studios Warners and Lions Gate to make a jump and then revert to $249 prices after the "season." The PR from having Paramount & Warners quit the BD side would be enough with low cost players to pretty much end it. If Lions Gate went neutral, the writing would be on the wall.

The companies like other companies with prototypes in R&D would feel a lot better going to HD DVD if it looked like Toshiba had done what it took to turn the tide.

After selling 90,000 units in one weekend you know they have to be extremely confident that they can push things in their favor this holiday.

I know Toshiba is right now trying to entice the HD DVD Studios to do an all out $5 drop on MSRP of their titles.
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