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Default Re: 90,000 Low-Cost HD DVD players Sold in One Weekend

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
If Toshiba really wants to end this war they can do it now, and just drop prices and take the loss. DISNEY, FOX, MGM, and LIONS GATE will not ignore an established base of 1M+ units especially if half of those were sold in a 2 month time frame.
They will absolutely ignore it when they realize that no one that bought a $99 HD-DVD player is buying any of their $30 HD-DVD movies, they only have the freebies that came with the player.
When they go to the store & see the prices on HD-DVD's they will continue buying regular DVD's & only put the HD-DVD's they got for free in to impress their brother in law!!
Now they no longer have a HD-DVD player they have an inexpensive upconverting DVD player.

I'm not in the "business" but I'm smart enough to know that the studios could care less how many players there are out there if they aren't selling their movies.
How many people that the only reason they bought a HD-DVD player was because it was $99 is going to spend 1/3 the price of their player on a single movie?

But you are right, Toshiba can end the war, by slashing prices & losing huge amounts of money & not selling many HD-DVD's with it they will kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
The Studios will go to the format where they can sell their movies & no one else will build any HD-DVD players when they have to compete with Toshgiba giving them away.
War over!!
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