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Default Re: Popular Home Theater Forumís HD DVD and Blu-ray Sections Shutdown as Debates Over

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I can understand a certain level of frustration surrounding the format war but at the end of the day we're all in this hobby for our own reasons and for our own enjoyment. When you loose sight of that I feel you have lost sight of what's great about HT and Forums such as this. We're all friends just trying to help one another get the most out of their experiences with HT and to hell with how you go about it just so long as you enjoy yourself. Death threats over HD anything is just unneccessary.

I'm glad everyone here at the AVRevforum have their own unique views but I'm even more happy to know that we can all keep it cool and enjoyable in the process. Continue to enjoy everyone.
I was once asked to post there. So I went and read the threads and was horribly shocked by the place. The term "FUD," is popular there and it's spread out over so many posts on either side of ANY issue. The moderators do little to nothing to help the people they request as Insiders to post there.

Some quick and early heavy handed moderating would have helped that place. It wouldn't have ever come down to this.

It's just silly. People fight over facts like their lives are being endangered by them. It is silly. It has also hurt other online forums by making it seem like being aggressive is ok.

I also found the place to be very Pro-Advertisers. If you advertise there and your product is crap it seems to still get treated like it's actually not crap.

Plus I also came to the conclusion the over 80% of the users who claimed to have "seen," or "heard," a product were just flat out lying or blind or deaf, or possibly all three. It appeared as if owners of Product X would post there and debate over all other products as inferior without ever having seen/heard Product Y.

I came to a quick conclusion that Forums are not where you go for reliable opinion on any product.

That's why I read AVRev and have since it was Audio Revolution. I get opinions from AVREV that I respect. I also respect that they don't rate their products with exception of software. I wish their software reviews were full of the same downsides and conclusions as their equipment reviews, but I accept it.
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