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Default Re: New Integra DTC 9.8 pre/pro. Best bargain yet??

You can't get more than 1400 watts out of one 15 amp outlet. Unless one buys an amp with more than one plug, or buys an amp that operates into 20-50 amps (do they exist?)there is no more powerful single plug amp than the 7 channel 200 watt Emotiva with bridgeable channels.

If you can't pass an double blind ABX test or at least point out the measurements of the amp that make it sound different I will be skeptical. No doubt, certain speakers are difficult loads and will sound different. But I never buy speakers that are so poorly engineered that they require peculiar amperage.

Remember when Stereophile raved about 3-10 watt Triodes? What a pile of horse poop.

People need to buy the appropriate amp for their speakers. If their speakers don't require 150 watts and they never clip except for nanosecond transients you really don't need more power. If you want to remove the incredibly few transient clips or distortions either buy a 200 watt amp or buy multiple amps.

And if you want the best speakers, get active crossovered speakers that have each driver individually amped. Something like the Orion Linkwitz which uses 60 watts per driver in a 12 channel amp made by ATI. I've yet to meet someone on these boards that knows more about sound and acoustics than Siegfried Linkwitz. Go to his site if you want to learn what is really important.

Obviously if you want a death-defying subwoofer you will need one heckuva powerful mono amp--or multi-bridged amplifier.


There are 3 truly important things in audio room playback. The quality of the source material, the acoustics of the room, and the matching of the speakers with the room acoustics. Speaker cables and interconnects are at the bottom of the heap. After all each speakers has hundreds of feet, many thousands of standard Copper wire, not to mention the miles of wire the recorded sound went through from instruments to studio board and mixer and the to the final masterer. Yet people belioeve the 3-6 foot interconnect is the critical length? Huh?
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