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Default Re: Transformers Becomes Best-Selling High Definition Title

I guess evryone must do what is best for them, but lets embrace HD DVD`s success. This consistent bashing and trying to figure out who is better or more viable, does us no good. Can`t we all see there is more at stake here.

One has more storage capacity, one has less. One continues to have more firmware update issues, one doesn`t. I keep breaking this down to its most simplest terms. its about watching a movie gentlemen. How many mainstream consumers, all those who just went off buying those inexpensive Toshiba units, how many of them are interested in web enabled HD players. Sure, there are some, but no way the majority except for high enders or maybe movie lovers who love all that extra stuff.

I want to play a movie, get a great picture on my HDTV, and here great surround sound. That is what MOST people want. I think as high enders we get just a little caught up in ourselves.
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