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Default Popular Home Theater Forum’s HD DVD and Blu-ray Sections Shutdown as Debates Overheat, known as the first popular user forum for home theater topics, and the founder of the “home theater cruise”, has temporarily shut down both its HD DVD and Blu-ray sections. The cause for the shut down, according to a statement on the AVS site, is the debate over the merits of each format crossing the line into physical threats and potential legal or criminal action for some of the users of the tech savvy site.

The AVS Forum was unresponsive at the time of publication. Their public statement said they would not be responding to private messages on the topic and that the site supports both the HD DVD and Blu-ray formats.

This eruption of emotions comes the week following HD DVD dumping the price of their players to below $100. Reportedly, over 90,000 players sold in one weekend, and big-box retailers like Best Buy are filling backorders now with even more expensive players to keep early adopters happy – and buying discs.

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