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Default Re: New Integra DTC 9.8 pre/pro. Best bargain yet??

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
If I had to get rid of my Aragon 2007 amp because my Aragon Stage One got fried in a lightning strike two months ago the last thing I would buy would be an uber amp, like a Levinson. I would get a balanced ATI or maybe an Emotiva. I have never heard a solid state amp that when matched in volume to within 0.5-1 db sounds any different than any other. Now some people like certain tube amps, which are rarely as powerful and never as reliable when they are cost an arm and two legs. They sometimes sound different from the different outputs on the back of tube amps. Onemay prefer the sound, but it is less accurate to the original signal.

Room treatments and acoustics along with your speakersinteraction with the room are by far the most important aspect of any sound system.

Wow. This has got to be the wrong place to post a "All Amps sound the same, except for those over priced and less accurate tube amps."

You heard it here Jerry, shut down all future amp reviews...

because they all sound the same. Greg thanks for that information, I don't know why I bought my Arcam amp now. I'll return it for the cheap Rotel or maybe a cheap NAD. I also have no idea why I've lusted after Boulder amps either.
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