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Default Re: What ever happened to Adcom?

Thanks Jerry,

Those are some interesting ideas. The Ushers @ $ 12k and Paradigms @ $ 5k are out of my range right now, with a teenage girl wanting a car and college in a couple of years. I could get a couple of very nice sails instead..... The Martin Logans would really interest me - they probably image better than the 104.2's - but the 24 - 30" space needed to the back wall is a deal breaker. Our den is small, only 15'w x 13' deep. There are some B&W CDM7SE's for sale locally on ebay. Should I consider them?

The only B&W dealer in Atlanta is the Apple Store. They only stock the Zeppelin for ipods. So there are not many places where I can audition these speakers here in Atlanta.


Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
As for speakers, the Kefs were good for their day but look into the Paradigm Signature S8's, the Usher big boys (not too much $$$), MartinLogan's middle of the road speakers, B&Ws, PSB and some of the other more subtle looking speakers that don't make the same physical statement Tympany D's make. The MartinLogan's would be first on my list if I were you as they have that OPEN sound without looking like Bennyhana designed your living room.
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