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Default Re: Definitive Technolgy SuperCube Reference

Originally Posted by heater View Post
I called definitve today, he basically said one reference equals two supercube 1. For the size of room and how i'm gonna listen, he suggested to go with the reference. He really liked the reference. He sugested the trinity, but we both agreed it would be too much for a home set up. The only reason to go with the supercubes, was for balance, but the refernce should provide enough bass for what i had wanted. We are still in the designing stage (rest of the house), so when we get it completed, i'll try to attach some pictures of my set up. (In about 6-8 months). Thank you again for your input(Kenny).
I ended up buying the Supercube Reference and still own it today. My room is 23'x17' and it fills it very well. As with any sub, careful placement is paramount to good performance.
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