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I agree SACD & DVD-A is hard to beat, and that the debate will go on for many years to come. I guess I'm reflecting on my younger days, but I think there's something special about the vinyl experience, the packaging and that warm analog sound just strikes a chord with me.

I've been lucky getting many old LP's from friends that no longer use them. They had them stashed away in a box somewhere and just wanted to get rid of them. Some where in pretty bad shape, there were some wild party's back in the 60's & 70's. I also found some gems, one was Jethro Tull's "Living In The Past" two LP set with a beautiful hard leather like book cover and many pages with pictures of the band, the records where in great shape too.

I'm enjoying rediscovering vinyl, but I'm not giving up my SACD & DVD-A disk's either.
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