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Cool Re: Denon AVR3808CI

For those of you with this receiver there is a new firmware update for it,
The new Main firmware # is 1.57 (my previous version was 1.28) & while I haven't been through everything I did find some changes.
There is a new option called add new features, yea I tried it but it said no new features were available but this tells me there may be new features soon.
There was also a new option called check for updates so you can check instead of just blindly starting an update to see if there is one.
Also while typing this I noticed if you leave the menu on a screen saver comes up after a couple of mins.
There is also a new update procedure & it was a smooth update with no hang ups or wondering if it was really finished like the last time.

Also Denon is updating their web site so they can announce when firmware updates are available, they said they were changing the look of the entire web site, look for that in December.

I noticed there is a new icon on the display now too, "monitor" lights up under the volume level in the upper right hand corner when my display is on.

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