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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...


I am a little confused. Sounds like you got better performance from one 750/amp correct? If so did you go with three 750's (in which case you are truly a kindred spirit) or did you keep the 1050/750 combo?

Living in Florida, I have power issues. Much was solved by installing 5x20 amp line on uninteruppted 10g Romex and 2x15 amp lines for source gear on 12 g Romex all ran off it's own panel..... Yes, I know the electrician made the same face but I don't lack power! I have been through a few conditioners and am considering redoing that part of the system here soon, but nothing beats power!

Andrew..... get more than one line per room, it doesn't cost that much more to run more, well, until the power company has to come dig a new channel to run a feed to the new panel and you promise to use x kW/Hours.....

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