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Default Re: Logitech harmony 880 remote response time?


I have four of the harmony remotes, and am a huge fan, so maybe I can shed some light on this issue.

First as you said, the 880 is IR only, but it sends the commands pretty quickly, so for a relatively normal macro of say 4-10 commands I would expect less than a few seconds. This can be longer if you needed to add delays into the macros.

I am not sure what features the Onkyo remote offers, but the harmony's are so simple to use I have young kids (10+) who have used them successfully. One key feature is the 'Help" button. When something doesn't work right, hitting that button walks anyone through fixing the system set up. You have no idea how many phone calls this has saved me.

As I said, I am not familiar with what remote comes with the Onkyo you have, but FWIW I run my reference system off a Harmony 890 (the 880 with RF relayer so I do not need line of sight) and I control all my sources (I an SACD/DVD-A player, DVD-A/ Blu-ray. HD DVD player, HD DVR and two different servers to stream music to my system from this remote.... and it cost me like $227 from Amazon.......

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