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Default Re: Do you fly Private?


As an anesthesiologist, trust me when I say this...... There ARE enough pain killers in the world to make you not only do that again but truly love the experience!


Did you fly any private jets yet? I know I for one am too cheap to spend that kind of cash on transportation, but can easily see how addictive it would be! I love first class, but alas I am still too cheap to often pay for it. When I fly on very short notice (which is rarely) I often do first class as it isn't that much more. when making plans months or even weeks in advance, the difference can be huge!

I was looking at flights to Thailand just before the Tsunami hit and the cost for coach was $800, first class was $5,000. That's a huge difference, and one I quite frankly considered as 14 hours from Chicago to Bankok in coach would be intolerable. For me flying from the east side of the country I can usually make Europe with a Xanax and a few drinks, short nap and I'm there!
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