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Question IPod in your car.

How do you use your iPod in your car?
Did you hard wire your factory stereo, Get a iPod compatible after market head unit (what brand & model number?) or do you use the FM dongle??

I've decided to get an iPod when the after Xmas price drop hits so I don't have to carry around a bunch of CD's when I travel.
I've learned there are 3 basic ways to use your iPod in your car (or Truck in my case!) not including the illegal & dangerous practice of using ear buds while driving.

Since quality is high on the priority list it looks like the FM dongle is the worst choice according to people I've talked too, I've found out a company makes an adapter for my stock radio that uses the CD controls for around $150 installed but for a couple of hundred $ more I can get a new Pioneer head unit that will control the iPod & has a view screen so your not blind while controlling it.

I'll most likely spend the extra for a iPod ready head unit because it'll be the most bang for the buck but I was wanting to hear how others are using their iPod while driving & how they like their choice & if they would do it differently next time.
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