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Default Re: Writers Guild Strikes Over DVD and Download Money

The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that all of the studios are using the "force majure" clause in their deals to suspend projects that are less than profitable for them. Many of these productions are funded by the studios and would leave companies with steep rent, overhead and other expesnses that will have a DEEP and LASTING impact on the Los Angeles economy.

Without question the issue of home video and downloads is of growing importance. Seemingly an increase of 3/10 of one penny at least on the surface doesn't seem to be too impactful but clearly the studios feel as if this is worth going to war over.

Perhaps it is the war that will help them clear away the dead weight of their past deals now before they settle and get back to production. Is it possible the studios WANTED the strike for just this reason? Do the writers have enough power to UP their demands as the strike goes on?

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