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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Personally, I am not interested in getting either format player until:

1. Prices are $200 or lower
2. RELIABLY connects and works every time without headaches
3. Plenty of movie titles in the usual rental outlets
4. Plenty of concert titles available to purchase

I would prefer that one format die completely, OR, for dual format players abound that meet the first two criteria in my list; I could care less which.

I just acquired my first HDTV back in January of 2007; and while I LOVE watching good quality HD feeds - I am just not that interested until the industry gets their crap together and reliably delivers the technology at a reasonable price. I went through all of this with VHS and BetaMax ages ago; I bet big on BetaMax and lost. I have not fogotten that lesson; and I will not repeat it. Period.

If all consumers would firmly take this stand and boycott until - the manufacturers would respond to meet the demand much faster than they are now. It's simple business economics.

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