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Default Re: Joni Mitchell's new album?

Here's a really good opinion about the album, the very knowledgable review from our outstanding critic and writer KL Poore, that ran last issue:

I have only heard a few cuts, but I'm impressed. But then, I'm biased, because Joni and I dated in the late '70s. That's why I turned this review over to someone else.

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
This is going to be a tough one to sell to me.
Folk music just is tough to take. I know Mr. Music loves it but he is in that Boomer demo that remembers what the 1960's were like and why folk music was important.
For me - I felt old playing Appetite for Destruction and noticing the record is 20 years old.
First of all, Jerry, if you go around telling people I remember the '60s, no one will believe I was actually there.

Second, you've gotta catch up to Joni. Folk is where she started but jazz is where she went, from her vocal rhythms to her odd guitar tunings to getting the great Mingus to let her write lyrics (!) to some of his best numbers (Joni's daring 1979 album, Mingus), to the new album by Herbie Hancoc k, River:the Joni Letters (Verve), interpreting her songs accompanied by no less than saxophonist Wayne Shorter, bassist Dave Holland, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and guitarist Lionel Loueke. Herbie and Wayne were both on Joni's Mingus, nearly 30 years ago.

I know you're a pretty hardcore jazz guy, but give her a chance. Herbie H obviously thinks she qualifies.

(By the way, that's not a typo above on his name, with the separated "k": I did it that way intentionally because when you type his obscene name correctly, our uptight forum Hal changes it to Herbie Han****!)
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