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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

There are obviously more hd dvd enthusiasts out there than bd enthusiasts. Just for the simple reasons of hd dvd came out on the market first, so there's a head start already. We all know how everyone gets when something new comes out. "GO BUY IT"! That would then mean there are more movies on the shelves or on Amazon. So, it makes sense that Transformers out sold Spiderman 3, but I'll gaurantee it was a closer race to the check out line than the figures show. I have noticed that there are more appealing titles out on hd dvd and more new releases, so inturn will put hd dvd sales at a higher scale than bd. When you have to wait for titles to come out that you prefer, that will obviously put sales behind one another. I don't know why everyone is fighting about this whole format war, but it is pretty ridiculous. Because society says bd is more expensive it is better. B*?!#?*t! Stop listening to everyone else and their opinions and we all know what opinions are like....! Sit down compare the 2 and make your own decisions! BD is not exactly perfected yet, but it's becoming real close. If you are looking at BD look very closely to each brand and omit LG, but there are still a few that if you look closely. You will notice that there are jagged outlines on characters and objects. I love Pioneer Elite products, but their BD is one and Sony is another. Samsung is not too bad, so Panasonic would be the best bet. That is not an opinion because I still wouldn't by it. Myself, I would wait for the Pioneer Elite to be perfect because every other Elite product I own is incredible. Now if you look at the HD DVD player it is clear and always has been. I'm not partial to either one, but from what I see, hear and sell. I can't order enough Toshiba HD-A20s. 1080p need I say anymore? BDs competitor and cheaper! When it comes down to it if there was no software there wouldn't be any components to by. Just like SACD and DVD-A. Except that was nothing compared to this war. Maybe everyone should go back to just listening to music. It seems to be more relaxing and less argumentative.
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