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Default Re: Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control


Thanks for the update, I see your point. Let me address these by number to keep it in order....

1) I for one do not use the Favorites... never have, doubt I will. If you use a provider that switches your channel #'s frequently I know how important that can be, but I do not use such a service so I never became aware of these issues.

2) I knew of the multiple mapping, I too was sad to lose that, but must admit I used it for novelty more than true function.

3) I have never had any issue with any of my customizations changing with software or firmware updates, and have had some of their remotes for years.

4) While I see your point with the newer versions of the software and shortening the customization of buttons screen, I was so much more pleased with the rest of the interface that this wasn't even noticed by me. I like how now they show you what devices are in each activity and that they reflect the names I have assigned them rather than just DVD2

5) See 1

You are right about the software updates, but I suspect it would become rather cumbersome for them to support each and every prior version so that is why it is done.

You might want to chack, the new version is out just a few days ago... MIGHT have some fixes for you... then again with the luck you've had, maybe not!

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