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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

Tiger, I ordered a TX-SR605 and received it yesterday. I haven't hooked it up yet, but last night I was reading through the manual, and it says on page 68, "Digital inputs are output by only the digital outputs, and analog inputs are output by only the analog outputs. There is no internal conversion from digital to analog or vice versa."

This is under the section talking about recording. If I understood what you were saying in previous messages, this contradicts it. This is a bit distressing, since it was the primary reason I bought a new receiver.

What it looks like it can do is detect whether an analog or digital input is connected for a given source and automatically use whichever one is present. This is different from my old receiver where you had to press a Signal Select button to switch.

One thing I am not clear on, and I guess I'll have to connect it up to know for sure, is what happens when both analog and digital inputs are connected for a given source. Will the digital input go to the speakers and the analog input go to tape out? Are there two audio paths through the receiver? If the answer is yes, that may work out, assuming my DVR can output both at once. My old receiver would output noise on the analog outputs when a digital source was being played.
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