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Default Re: All About Convergence: 2006 Edition

my question about convergence is this. i've been researching for about a year now on what components i want to put into my HTPC. i'm a little confused about my need for a certain sound card over another. i.e. Lynx2-B or E-mu 1616m pci. i will be using this set up for turning all vinyl into digital.

1) is their a better card to use? i think that i understand the need for bit to bit and (EAC) when burning from wav files. using this for a 5.1-7.1 set up no musical instruments except maybe keyboard. any thoughts about the right path?

also for interior burners i've been waiting for the Plextor Plexwriter premium2 to get to U.S.
2) is there any other mastering quality burners available?

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