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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
That is what's going to make this sale backfire, they are taking a beating price wise, & won't be selling that many more HD-DVD titles.

HD-DVD has always had more stand alone players than Blu-Ray but Blu-Ray has sold more software, could this be because people are using the cheaper HD-DVD players as upconverting DVD players & Blu-Ray players because of their higher prices are being bought by people that are more "in" to the High def experience & therefore are buying more Blu-Ray movies?
I believe it will be software that decides the war, not hardware.

Hey Moose, it is always the software that sells the hardware. Look at video games. The Playstation one was underpowered compared to the Nintendo 64, yet it wiped the floor with Nintendo's expensive cartridge based system.
Again the next generation, PS2 won hands down due to literally hundreds and eventually thousands of available software titles to choose from, whereas the more powerful Nintendo Gamecube with substantially prettier graphics capabilities came in last place to both Sony and Microsoft, due to software.

I was one of those who purchased the $99 HD DVD player. I bought one movie, and have since been searching for titles both online and in stores, only to find hardly none. I'll wait, but I am one who will buy the software once its available, but usually it's the software that determines the winner.

Here's hoping the cost difference beween HD and Blu ray will make a difference this time around, and that all those people who bought the Toshiba last weekend will prompt studios to make HD releases as well.
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