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Default Re: Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

kenny, first let me start out by saying harmony customer service has been very helpful in trying to resolve all these issues (tier 2 anyway) and acknowledges that these issues are bugs resulting from their updates to the software.

#1. they took away the ability to have the favorites on the remotes while they updated the code for all the remotes. That took about 3 months and was finally restored in December 2006. April 2007, they took away the multiple mapping to a single key.example send a lighting command to raise and lower the lights when you hit pause and play while watching a DVD.(this feature is listed in the user guide) this was changed with an update where in they made it possible to add commands to an activity without those commands propagating across all activities with those devices.(i welcomed this change but not the bugs that came with it). in the software under "adjust inputs" for the direct method, there is no longer a provision to send more than one command.

below is the response i got from logitech via e-mail:

Logitech recently released a number of enhancements to the setup and customization software, which are intended to improve the customer experience by simplifying existing functionality. One major change that was made involved the customization of both physical and custom labeled buttons (LCD commands). This change has ensured that customers can specify the name and location of a command on the Harmony screen.
In order to deliver this first phase of enhancements it has been necessary to remove the functionality that allows a customer to assign multiple commands to a single button press. However, we do plan to re-introduce a refined version this functionality, which is currently scheduled for release by the end of July 2007. In the interim, the on-line user manual will be corrected to reflect current functionality.
On behalf of Logitech I do apologize for any inconvenience that this temporary loss of functionality may have caused you.

with their history it will probably be more like September instead of the quoted July.

3.for awhile every time they updated the software somehow i would loose all my custom configurations. i believe this to be fixed but I'm not sure as i haven't updated or made any changes to the remote for a few months.

4.with another update they changed the user interface so that all customizations take place in a tiny frame embedded in the web page, you cant use the full height of the browser. I'm forced to scroll up and down with only about 12 buttons visible and you can no longer print the whole page, if you try you only get the frame and the few buttons that are visible.

5.most recently favorites list the channel number with the icon on the remote, used to just be the icon. these icons are already low rez. the number screws up the image more. and there is no where in the software to remove the channel number . logitech says they will add that to the software this month.

none of these changes were announced, there is nowhere to find what changes are made to software before using it. and its a forced update with no choice to retain a previous version. as soon as you start the program it searches for updates. then you get a popup over the girls face that says:
"The logitech harmony remote software has found an update that must be installed before you continue setting up the remote. do you want to continue?"
0 Yes, and do NOT ask permission everytime
0 Yes, but ask for permission everytime
0 No. (the remote control software will close)

so pretty much you accept the update or you cant make any changes to the remote.

like i said i really love the remote itself. but, If you are a tweaker who tends to update the remote quite frequently, you will find that over the course of a year there is a good chance that all of your functions and features will never all work at the same time. What feature they will disable next?

im sure newer harmony users won't notice most of these issues, they dont know what they dont have.

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