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Default Re: Suggested plasma displays for high altitude?

Originally Posted by Lora View Post
Thanks for all the suggestions. We're at 5500'. Reps at local stores say the Panasonics haven't done well in the higher altitude so I'm hesitant. Perhaps new models now solve the separation and heat issues they described. LCD or projector may be a better option for me.

In what state do you live?

I am in Arvada Colorado (Elevation 5300') and have sold plasma panels at over 5000' for at least 7 years. I have never, ever, seen a single panel failure due to altitude issues, from any manufacturer I have sold (Pioneer, Philips, Mitsubishi, LG, Panasonic and Samsung).

I have never noticed an image quality issue in a panel at high elevations (and I have seen these panels at 10,000' because the wealthy customers with ski homes do not care about warranties or a little buzzing).

I fear that your dealer(s) may be using this as an excuse to get you to purchase a panel that they get better margin on or have few competitors to deal with.

I am not trying to be argumentative or accusatory; I am only trying to help. I feel that it is unfortunate that you are hearing this as I have already confirmed the altitude of the Panasonic panels (Runco and Marantz also have high altitude products).

Are you not able to audition the panels at this altitude? are all the stores at a lower elevation? I am really curious about your situation.

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