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In this forum and on, we have much discussion about bookshelf speakers. From companies like Bowers and Wilkins, the Wilson Duettes, Monitor Audio, PSB, and Paradigm.

However, some years ago I had a demo with a pair of Proac speakers that blew my mind, literally. Up until that time, I had never witnessed the amount of detail, openess, dispersion, accuracy and cleanness from any bookshelf loudspeaker. Now of course, Innovative Audio/Video were using Mark Levinson electronics. But the sound, regardless of what music was playing, was absolutely stunning. The fact that this was roughly 10 years ago, tells you the effect it has left in my memory. Any bookshelf speaker I hear now, I immediately go back to this.

But, I have not seen or heard of Proac for some time now. Does anyone know if they are still in business?
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