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Default Linn Unidisc SC

Though we have certainly entered the wonderful world of High Definition audio and video, with the promise of True Dolby HD, DTS Master Audio, we wait still for all the quirks to be worked out. But for some of us, there is still a need to have a high quality universal player, to play our beloved sacd`s and dvd-a`s. Companies like Telarc, Heads Up International, Mobile Fidelity and some others, are still turning out these high quality multi-channel discs.

The Linn Unidisc SC has been highly regarded as one of the best "universal players" on the market. The SC stands for system controller, it can decode and play back virtually any 5"consumer media, and is also a full function, five channel preamplifier and a digital processor compatible with Dolby Pro Logic and DTS surround-sound software.

Anyone have any experience with this Linn product?
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