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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

How many of these people that got the cheap HD-DVD player is going to freak out when they find out movies on HD-DVD average $30?
I'm thinking there is not going to be a lot of new HD-DVD's sold after they get the freebies.
I wonder how many of them know they can't get every title they want because of the exclusives, how many of theses are going to be collecting dust because they can't get Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman 3, Cars, Etc??

The studios could care less how many players are out there, they want to sell software.
So before anyone says it's a huge blow to Blu-Ray lets see how the movie sales will be effected.

However HD-DVD did get in the first punch of the holiday sales season, let's see what Blu-Ray counters with.
This could be a very interesting holiday season!!
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