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Smile Re: Revel Speaker Owners - Post about Revel Speakers here

Originally Posted by spearl8 View Post
The Linn 1.1 is the best universal player I have personally heard, but the only problem is that for such an expensive piece of gear it's very unreliable. I've had a lot of trouble with discs getting stuck inside.
That is something. A great unit. Sorry to hear about the reliability. That has always been a point of contention with me. If you are making a high end product, or in this case, I would call this an ultra type product, reliabilty ought to be the norm, not the exception. Great sound and reviews are fine, but if you can not really enjoy it............................

Did you every consider the Unidisc SC? That player also received great reviews as well. And many felt for the money, that this was the best universal player.

kennyt, Dr. Source, you can chime in here as well. But, I`ve always been fond of the Esoteric equipment.
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