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Thumbs up Re: Does any gear look better in a rack than Classe'?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Not sure if that comes from Classe' or Middle Atlantic. FWIW I use open racks as I have to and it makes equipment easier to swap out... I think I am going to get the Audiav Zirconia line with granite shelve. I'm waiting on the CAD drawings now and price.

These things are like my wet dream for audio racks, they do everything I want in a rack!


I haven't played a movie in it yet, and am going to this huge outdoor (I live in Florida and it's finally nice enough not to sweat outside!) arts festival today so likely won't today either. I did set it up so I can easily compare it to my BDP-S1 for video with a simple push of a switch, and have two copies of Spiderman 3 waiting for a good A-B, I'll let you know how it does. FWIW with the four Def Tech Mythos ST's in the system the game surround effects are pretty cool......
That is really cool. Did not know you had the Definitive Mythos. I`ve read some great reviews on them. And all the aluminum, looks real nice. That video comparison should really excellent.
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