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Default Re: Toshiba A3, or A30 for 1080i big screen?

O.K. I'm hearing two opinions, for and against the value of 1080p. I have a 50" Sony LCD (KDF-E50A10). We've only had it <2 years and I don't plan on replacing it anytime soon. It has HDMI in but only does 1080i. Will I really see any benefit from 1080p? If not, I'll just try to find the $ 100 Tosh at Wal-Mart, if it's still available. All the Atlanta Best Buys are out of the $ 200 A3 deal but Costco has the HD-A2C for $ 170 with 5 DVD's. FWIW, I have a Denon DVD-2200 for SACD and DVD-Audio and will just rent HD-DVD's from Blockbuster online. Thanks. Jim
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