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Default Re: Toshiba A3, or A30 for 1080i big screen?


Welcome to the forum!

How did you find us?

I must chime in here, for your sized set (42" per your profile) the difference between 1080i and 1080p might not be easily appreciated. 1080p really shines the larger the display. I run a 70" Sony SXRD RPTV and can tell you the difference isn't small by any means, even when compared to 1080i.

1080p really outdoes 1080i, even on upscaled SD DVD's, forget about with a native 1080p source (Blu-ray or HD DVD)!

Hope you are happy with the A3, I haven't had that one yet, and the deal with nine free movies is well, a no brainer! If I hadn't already bought five Blu-ray and two HD DVD players, I might have bought another one just for that deal!
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