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Smile Re: Toshiba A3, or A30 for 1080i big screen?

Originally Posted by Bermuda Home Theater View Post
As you can see I live in Bermuda so I ordered them last night online and having my dad pick them up at their express checkout for when I come visit for Christmas.

Again, good luck!

Its not nesesarily a waste of money but from what I have read(A couple of reviews) the 1080P is not as great as you may expect.

One comment I read is its not worth the extra money for the A30. Check the Home Theater web page and read their review.

Personally after many years of 480P 1080I will suite me just fine.

By the way I got an A3 yesterday (BB $199.00)and could not be happier. I also love the 9 movies I got.
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