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Default Re: Definitive Technolgy SuperCube Reference

Yeah, the Trinity is really only for VERY large rooms, which is what it was designed for.

If it were me, I would go with one reference (this said not knowing your room size) as a 14" radiator has nearly twice the surface area or a 10" one (remember pi x r^2? In these cases the ratio's or R's would be 49/25 or basically twice)) and for another reason as well. Two subs help with balance and can, if set up right, fill a room more evenly by taking some of the work off each and giving two point sources of bass.

That said, if you really want the rumble and volume, the larger sub will go deeper and likely put out more SPL's than two of the smaller ones. I'd call Def Tech if you want to confirm it, they are really nice folks, but for my money, the bigger better one would be my preference.

Then take the $800 you'd save with the one bigger sub and buy yourself a Blu-ray AND an HD DVD player for all that wonderful high res video AND audio to play through the system!
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