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Default Re: Thriller was mixed for 5.1 and DVD-Audio but never released

I think you are referring to the 5.1 mix done by Mick Guzauski.There was an interview where he talked about the 5.1 mix -

It was not done for DVD-Audio,it must have been done for SACD.Sony releases surround music only on SACDs.I guess the 5.1 mix was done with SACD in mind and both Michael and the guys from Sony were involved in this project.I can only speculate about the reason why the 5.1 mix never made it to SACD, maybe Michael or the guys at Sony were not impressed with the results.But Mick Guzauski said in an interview that the 5.1 mix might never come out because of the changes (differences) between Sony and with Michael.

With Sony aggressively pushing Blu-ray and the fact that Blu-ray specs have an audio only disc profile makes me believe that 5.1 mix of Thriller would be released someday on Blu-ray Audio discs.But I wonder if they will use the 5.1 that was made way back in 2001 during the infancy of 5.1 music.If I were MJ or the guy at Sony who makes all decisions then I would get a new 5.1 mix done by some top 5.1 mix engineer like Elliott Scheiner.Its too bad that MJ's engineer - Bruce Swedien is not into 5.1 mixing,it would be amazing if he does a 5.1 for thriller.

If Thriller ever gets released with a 5.1 mix then I will buy one for sure.

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