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Default Re: Definitive Technolgy SuperCube Reference

Thanksfor welcoming me, and such a quick reply. I found you by a google search on home theater. I wanted to see how other people had there set ups(rooms), to give me an idea on what i could or couldn't do.

I lke it fairly loud for movies(room will be sound proofed. What i wanted was the rumble, and to hear all the sounds. I liked the crispness of the defs, thats why i chose them.

I'm okay at seeting them up, but i got a buddy who is really good at it. As i sayif you can't use your friends, whoi can you use.

I didn't condider the trinity, because thought it would be too much(bass) wanted to keep from replacing windows all the time.

If one reference will provide more bass than 2 suercube ones? Then i will probabbly go with the reference. If it is about the same, then i'll spend the little extra money and buy the 2 supercubes. I do have an older unpowered yamaha sub, i'll throw in the room somewhere.

I am running a paradigm pw 2200 right now, but iwas gonna keep that with my older pioneer receiver( channel) for the family room.

Thanks again
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