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Default Re: Definitive Technolgy SuperCube Reference


Welcome to the forum! How did you find us?

As for subs... That depends on a few things....

How big is the room?
How loud do you listen? Do you really want T-Rex in the room with you?
How good are you at setting up subs?

I ask the last one as while each additional sub can make the bass performance better, if not set up right, it can just as well made it worse. FWIW right now I am running four powered subs (* This is down from the five I initially had for an upcoming review of the new Def Tech Mythos ST speakers) and the bass is simply amazing) I understand these subs are pretty much like the Super Cube one or two and even on two channel, the bass in my room is amazing and my room is pretty large.

I too hear the reference is a monster. Want really sick? Look at the Trinity! Custom designed to mate with their 80+ speaker system for an electric pipe organ in the Trinity Church in NYC where the pipes were irreparably damaged from 9/11. That sub will do >128 dB @ 20 Hz and something like 116 @ 16 Hz....

I want one......
Ken Taraszka, MD
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