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Smile Re: Bye bye Mercedes

Sorry to hear about the Andrew. I side with Jerry. Its truly amazing to me, that the Mercedes dealership, did nothing really to keep you as a customer, earn further business from you, and repair their name since you wanted, NOTHING, with Mercedes on it.

Well, at least now, as you said, you carry Mcintosh and Bel Canto amps around much easier!!

Curious, did you buy the Benz new or used? When I sold cars in 2001, and this may not be fair, for this was their down period, I learned from my experience, you buy a Mercedes new, and after a couple of years, get another new one. Reliabilty, was not good at all then. Now supposedly it has improved. I remember we sold a used S600, put on new tires, rims, Lorinser kit, and by the time he left Rockland County and drove back to Columbus Ohio, the suspension had dropped.
Now this was almost 7 years ago.....

But Congrats on the Rover. I`m an Aston fan as well. Much success with your choice. Vanquish, or DB9?
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