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Default Re: Bye bye Mercedes

I know that Benz was a nightmare for you. That REALLY sucks.

I have an ML500 that is the ABSOLUTE BEST car (more of an SUV) I have ever owned. Better than all of my Porsche's, other Mercedes etc... Bullet proof, fast, comfortable, fairly priced and not even that much of a hog on gas.

Mercedes should have gotten you out of that car months ago and suckered you into another car the same way that Nordstroms would allow you to return your dirty underwear (I am not completely joking here) for a full refund. The truth is: the cost of earning you as a client was steep and they BLEW it. Taking your car back, repairing it and putting it out to auction would have been WAY smarter. I think you would have needed to hire a LEMON lawyer and you would have gotten your way.

I am glad you like your LR3. They are not known for being rock solid for service but compared to your Benz - it has to be an upgrade.

In the Lemon Law suits - the car companies should have to pay damages for your wasted time.
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