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Smile Update on Samsung BD-UP5000 Player

Samsung announced some information. The BDP-2400 Blu-ray disc player has been definitely "removed from the 2007 Holiday line-up." But the BD-UP 5000 Duo HD Blu-ray/HD DVD combi player remains on track for a mid to late December debut.

First, on the late BD-P2400, this player was to be a higher-end model, featuring Silicon Optix HQV processing. This player apparently wasn`t going to be able to meet the BDA`s October 31st deadline, after which all player models released must conform to BD-ROM Profile 1.1. This hardware spec mandates secondary audio and video decoders for Picture-in-Picture interactivity and 256MB of local storage.

The BDA mandate took some of the mystery out of the Duo HD`s functionality. The player was originally scheduled for an October release which would bring it under the Profile 1.1 deadline. But Samsung states that this player would not in fact meet this hardware spec. Interestingly enough, Samsung`s release noted that while the Duo HD will meet the hardware spec for Profile 1.1, a January 2008 firmware update will be required before the player will actually "allow playback of Profile 1.1 discs." Hopefully, this means that the player will be able to play the movies on these discs, even if it can`t access PIP streams and so forth.

More firmware, what can I tell you.

Likewise, there is no mention of whether the player will meet Profile 2 specs. Profile 2 mandates 1GB of local storage, plus networking capabilities. Which is supposedly required for BD Live enhanced Blu-ray disc titles. Reports are that Buena Vista (Disney) will have BD Live titles available in the Spring. Curious, cause I think some people will expect their players to playback all the interactive features available for at least a few months.
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