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Default Re: Toshiba A3, or A30 for 1080i big screen?

I feel the same as you. If you think you will get a 1080p display before you upgrade your dvd then spring for the A30 instead of the A3. They use similar internal components so it is essentially based on this feature alone. However, if the cost is of no object get the A35 since it allows uncompressed bitstream audio over HDMI which is a huge benefit as well as 1080p option.

I just purchased the A3 from Best Buy because I have a 58" 1080i or 720p native and don't need the 1080p feature at this time. There is now a deal at Best Buy (and most other dealers) where you get 300 and Bourne Identity inside, two more free movies of your choosing at check out and mail-in for 5 free (from a limited selection mail-in). So I get 9 movies and the player for $200. It seemed like a no brainer to me.

The only other option is another online vendor which has the flagship XA2 marked down heavily which is supposed to be the end all for sd dvd upcoversion which is important to most as we all have rather large sd dvd libraries.

Hope this helps.
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