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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Oh yeah, and it scales SD DVD's to 1080p better than any other player I have. I am unsure right now about 1080p/24, but I seem to remember a firmware update doing that. I would have to check to be sure though....

Got my PS3 hooked up today... waiting until tomorrow to sort out the set up, letting the controller charge, so Greg, I have yet another source...

You know I was thinking about it, as an M.D. I think I would prefer the title 'Dr. Source'!
Brother man, as Yul Bryner said in the "Ten "Commandments" So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done!!! You are Dr. Source. Once again, thanks for the info on the XA2. I think you have cemented that player for me as the one to purchase.

Congrats once again on the PS3. You have now the most reliable player along with the rest of the members that own one as well. Pop in Spidey 3, and enjoy with the Fam, w/o messy and unwanted updates!!
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