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Default Re: Poll Of The Week: Does "Spider-Man 3" Blu-ray Play On Your Player?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I just got my PS3 hooked up and am charging the controller before I go any further.


I see what the difference is with the PS3 and firmware! They put it on all the discs as well as allow wireless internet downloads.... I might not correction I WOULD NOT care if all my players needed firmware updates every week if they did it so slyly!
I had no idea there was firmware on the discs, every movie I put in just played I didn't notice any firmware being installed, if that is true that should be an option to update all of the players!!

Just so you know the controller can be charged thru any USB port, I used my DirecTV HR20 since the PS3 only charges when it's on & my HR20 was always on so it made it convenient to keep the controller charged.

Did you get the Blu-Tooth remote?
It makes it easier to play movies with the remote rather than the controller & it's only $25.
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