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Wink Best racks ever made?

I may have found my new audio racks!They are made by a company in Indiana called Audiav.

I spent the better part of an hour talking to the owner Jared Poiry about how they are made and it is pretty impressive to say the least! These things can be built to hold ANYTHING MADE. No kidding, hundreds of pounds per shelf is not a problem for the bigger lines. I started out looking at the Crystal line and after speaking to Jared might save a bunch of $$ and get all the support I need from the Zirconia line.

These do everything I want a rack to do. They;

1) Come in plenty of sizes and are modular.

2) Can be customized on a per shelf basis so you only spend for more support and or isolation where you need it.

3) Have infinitely adjustable shelve.

4) Plenty of shelve options including carbon fiber and granite!

5) Heat, EMI and RF protection.

6) Cool, clean look with plenty of room for components to breath!

I have been hunting for good solid racks for my system forever and I think I have finally found everything I what in these. I am waiting to see what the CAD drawings of my system look like, I should have them early next week and will post them here for you all to see.
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