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Default iTrax now online (Finally!)

AIX Records has been recording and delivering what is aguably the best quality audio (96 kHz, 24-bit) in multi-channel DVD-Audio format for a few years now and is now making their content available for purchase and download through A wide range of formats including mp3, dolby digital, DTS, WMA Pro, WMA lossless and PCM are offered in stereo, stage and audience mixes.

I could not find information on their site about how to get this downloaded content onto your system. If you're one of the very few who have a premium media center computer (e.g. Niveus) connected to your system, you're all set. The WMA lossless format can be played with in all its multi-channel glory through Media Player. Otherwise, the PCM content can be burned to a DVD-Audio, but that will require some very unique software. Of course, two-channel content can be distributed from a media server to devices like the Squeezebox or Transporter.

I've heard their Torme sings Torme (Steve March Torme) and The Gypsy Life (John Gorka) DVD-A albums and can very enthusiastically recommend both. The Torme sings Torme album is easily the best recorded big band music I've ever heard. I took it into the local high-end emporium where they allowed me to have my way with their full Meridian setup and, what can I say, it was transcendant.

Best of luck to AIX Records and Mark Waldrep in this exciting new venture!
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