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Default Re: new guy,out of the loop

Sorry to hear about the pending disability. At my age, we go through the what-ifs and what-would-I-rather-do-withouts, and my choice of losses always ends at my ears. For me, losing the joy of music would be a real kick in the pants. But enought philosophizing. What I don't see in your wish-list/recommended solutions is web/home network connection, in case you'd like to commit all your disks to hard-drive, listen to some of the great radio on the web, download individual songs you don't want to pay the total disk freight on, or eventually lose the ability to use the turntable. I think Onkyo has models that offer all you're looking for plus that connectivity. Of course, I'm facing your same upgrade issues and don't know exactly what I'll end up with, so I'm as out of the loop as you. Any recommendations from the experts that include web network connectivity?
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