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Default Re: Sony VPL VW50 "Pearl" 1080p Projector Review

Actually the best 1080p projector comparison to the Sony Pearl would be Epson's Cinema Pro 1080 3LCD projector, which sells for $3995 now, and includes a ceiling mount and a spare lamp. I have done some consulting with the company, and I can tell you it produces a sharper picture with superior blacks over the Sony. It really is amazing how far LCD technology has come especially in the area of black level performance, which used to be their Achilles heal.
My neighbor just got this machine (I'm still struggling along with my 720P DLP BenQ 8700+). Very, very impressive. And he got a fantastic deal. Blacks are decent, though not as dark as I was expecting given the contrast rating. However, I stress that his unit hasn't been properly calibrated so no conclusions (negative) can be drawn.

The image is satisfyingly sharp, good with motion, and steady-as-a-rock which I loved after living with my single-chip DLP (never again will I go single-chip DLP). The image was blindingly bright which indicates to me that with calibration the contrast range could indeed get some improved black level performance.
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